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Satan and the Problem of Evil

This may explain why to preserve human freedom the Creator placed them for safekeeping into a protected Garden, where they could make their choices untraumatized by the dangerous world outside of Eden. Does not God bear product liability for the faulty creatures now in rebellion that he created? Sigve Tonstad, in a sermon given in near Loma Linda, pointed out that in the mysterious millennium God finally locks up Satan at the second coming of Christ and spirits away the saved to the safety of heaven.

But then, having locked up Satan for a millennium, God releases him again! Heaven does not have jails or execution yards. Because we were created to be free, and freedom only comes freely. Satan, like you, has been given absolute freedom of choice, and when he is locked up that choice is not operable, so the God of choice will unlock Satan once again, and give him the freedom of choice he has abused for eons, until those choices destroy him.

Note, it is not God who destroys evil; it is evil that destroys evil. Fire comes from God out of heaven not as a punishment to destroy, but to clean up the dead bodies that have self-destructed.

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The lake of fire is not an execution, it is a purification from the bodies self-destructed by evil. Adventists of tomorrow will fall in love with a God we have not yet fully known. And we will give new credence to the reality of spiritual warfare of truly free beings, including superhuman ones. We wrestle not with flesh and blood. God permitted freedoms that are truly free. Most of us do not agree with this agenda; it is not how we would solve the problem.

Where in the World is Satan the Devil?

But that is a matter to take up now with God on our knees, or later during the millennium. He has served on the Adventist Today Foundation board since He and his wife Deanne live in Walla Walla, Washington. He was a licensed minister of the Adventist church for 13 years when serving as a missionary physician in Africa.

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    Search for:. Toggle navigation. How does God interact with human intention and action? If people act freely, does God know in particular every human decision before the choice is made?

    In this important book Gregory A. Boyd mounts a thorough response to these ages-old questions, which remain both crucial and contentious, both practical and complex.

    Why is God Not the Author of Evil, if it Exists for his Glory? - Albert Mohler Q&A

    In this work Boyd defends his scripturally grounded trinitarian warfare theodicy presented in God at War with rigorous philosophical reflection and insights from human experience and scientific discovery. Critiquing the classical Calvinist solution to the problem of evil, he advocates an alternative understanding of the sovereignty of the trinitarian God and of the reality of Satan that sheds light on our fallen human condition.

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    While all may not agree with Boyd's conclusions, Satan and the Problem of Evil promises to advance the church's discussion of these critical issues. Gregory A. Boyd Ph. Paul, Minnesota. Previously, he was a professor of theology at Bethel University, also in St. His books include and. What would you like to know about this product? Please enter your name, your email and your question regarding the product in the fields below, and we'll answer you in the next hours. You can unsubscribe at any time. Enter email address.

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