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This corrupt New York Times hack is precisely describing what happened … in , when his hero Barack Obama was president, and Trump was the perceived enemy.

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Classic projection. But it gets even more absurd. I mean, in the text messages this bent fed Strzok sent to his FBI gal pal, which the crooked G-men initially claimed had been deleted sound familiar?

Day Keene - Framed in Guilt

It was a good career move. The authors examine how two negative emotions—guilt and shame—influence responses to environmental ad messages framed as gains or losses. In Study 1, participants primed with guilt express higher intention to conserve water after they view a gain-framed water conservation ad; participants primed with shame express higher conservation intention after they view a loss-framed ad. Study 2 replicates and supports the proposed matching hypothesis using nonstudent adults.

In Study 3, participants react to a recycling ad as they did in Studies 1 and 2 when they expend high effort by transcribing the recycle pledge before they view the ad, but not when they expend low effort by reading the pledge first.