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In Parts II and III, we will look at how climate changed during the 20th Century, what the future had in store, and the impact of man on the climate. I believe that the book is currently out of print, but a new publication is due out in December from Routledge. And what, pray tell, caused the CRU to plummet into decline after being shepherded by the likes of of Hubert Lamb? They seem to have dismantled all of his work to serve their back-room agenda. It is clearly the work of a very distinguished scientist. I also have his wonderful book mentioned in the above submission, A big thank-you from Rod Chilton.

First truth, then error.

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I visited with him at the CRU and we discussed many topics besides the thesis. We discussed the serious lack of data and the need for long climate data reconstructions, which, as he explained in his autobiography was the main purpose of establishing the CRU.

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  • He writes about hiring Tom Wigley and identifies a conflict almost from the start. Tom Wigley. Finally, he identifies the shift, that in my opinion led to the debacle that was exposed in the leaked emails and other places.

    on the origins and impacts of Global Warming Alarmism in the history and philosophy of science

    Volume 2 is major piece of evidence in my argument that climatology has advanced very little since establishment of the IPCC. There is even less data now than when Lamb stepped down. Records have been abandoned, expurgated, modified and raw data lost or modified without explanation.

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    As a result, computer models, that became the centre of climatology, are built on virtually nothing. I watched this ascendancy and it has been an unmitigated disaster. Lamb was right in his original objective and his wider understanding to climatology. There is an additional 10 day delay while Stratford await delivery from the printer.

    Paul very good review. I have Vol 1 and 2 on my desk at this very moment, borrowed from the excellent Met office library in Exeter. I note that someone else borrowed it in April and the previous time prior to that was eight years previously which might say something about the lack of esteem his work is held at present by the climate hierarchy. I fear it will include a new chapter that says any climate change now and in the future will be caused by my trail rated cherry red Jeep Grand Cherokee. Or possibly because I target shoot, hunt and fish. Good to know that once upon a time climatology used to be a science instead of the pathetic pseudoscience it has become.

    Climate of the Past

    It gives hope. In this particular case faith in objective reality , that is, in the notion that there is truth out there waiting to be discovered never invented. This faith itself is not based on science. There can never be a scientific proof of the existence of Laws in nature. In fact some postmodern philosophers explicitly deny it.

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    It is clearly a metaphysical principle, so it is inaccessible to the scientific method. On the other hand, there can be no science without accepting it. For one thing, a true scientist who has faith in this proposition, would never dare adjust raw measurement data. For there may come another guy who performs the same measurement and he would be shown to be the fraud he is for everyone to see.

    On the other hand whoever is not bound by this faith, it is only a matter of pushing harder his own point of view to make it into an undeniable scientific truth.

    For him anything goes in this struggle, redefining peer review, have editors of scientific journals or university professors fired, embedding himself in Grant Committees, labeling opposition as deniers relying on the fallacy of Reductio ad Hitlerum , dancing for the Press, going for Government Science Advisory positions and repeating the importance of consensus endlessly. If he published today those using GAGW for monetary and political gain would seek to suppress it.

    The real catastrophe of CAGW.

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    • Please read his post again. Shows where we are now, unhappily. I was privileged to have Lamb help with my doctoral thesis and act as reviewer on an early article. He would be mortified by what has happened at the CRU but not surprised. Tom Wigley, whom we have appointed to take charge of the research. Both liars and truthsayers have a profound respect for truth. Bullshitters on the other hand have no respect for truth and regularly contradict themselves.

      These are the people who demand we believe them regardless of the the lack of consistency in their stories. Apart from anything else, I am hugely impressed with the sheer quantity of research and knowlege that Hubert Lamb showed. Volume 2 is over pages and the first Volume, which concentrates on the technical aspects of climate is, I believe, of a similar length.

      They are both chock full of highly technical and factual data. This was most interesting as it runs counter to what The Team would have us believe, or rather, would have us believe it would be the result of warming, not cooling:. Cooler and wetter. Colder and more storms. That is definitely not what we are deluged with today. What was the sound? Or are people like Phil Jones, Michael Mann and the rest of the CAGW crowd so ignorant of what others have done before them that they believe they are the first?

      Are those people also absolutely ignorant of past research? Or are they truly charlatans of the first order who banked on the ignorance of the public and the politicians? Jay Davis. The sun is being pretty darn lethargic at the moment. Temperture reconstructions of the Holocene period shows that we are basically nearing the peak of a slight warm period, but that warm period is actually cooler than most of the earlier Holcene.

      Rug up, people!!! Our present slight warming of 0. I wonder if a number of leading climatologists such as him are secretly wishing they hadnt been quite so forthright in their beliefs before temperatures stabilised. Hubert Lamb was a climate scientist. Neville says, June 24, at pm: Our present slight warming of 0. The actual figure is 0. It has been warming by a much smaller amount than skepics widely quote.

      ISBN 13: 9780416115406

      Thank-you to Dr. Tim Ball for enlighteneing us all on the very good work that Dr. Lamb accomplished during his illustrious career. Lamb stood for. Holocene — CrossRef Google Scholar. Clim Change. Briffa KR Annual climate variability in the Holocene: interpreting the message of ancient trees. Brooks CEP Climate through the ages. Benn, London Google Scholar. Antiquity —96 Google Scholar. Science — CrossRef Google Scholar.

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      Nature —28 CrossRef Google Scholar. Diamond J Collapse: how societies choose to fail or survive. Allen Lane, London Google Scholar.