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This means internships, assistantships, research fellowships, etc. Join an industry-appropriate organization or association.

Photography Career in India - Types of Photography - Career options

These are excellent resources for photographers, so do not overlook them. They hold meetings, educational seminars, job search events and can often put you in direct contact with potential clients. They are also great networking tools since you will join the ranks of hundreds of other professional photographers. Market: Regardless of your career field, it is important to market your work and keep your name out there. To market your work, you will need a marketing portfolio.

What They Do

Your marketing portfolio should consist of the following: a well-designed Web site working in such a visual medium implies that you will also have an immaculately-designed Web site ; business cards and post cards with your name, contact information, Web site address. Also, consider writing a newsletter — have potential clients sign up for either an e-mail or print newsletter that you update on a weekly basis this keeps your work fresh on the mind of potential clients and employers.

Lastly, for personal records, build a list of all of your industry connections. This list will consist of gallery owners, professors, clients, museum directors and fellow photographers. As you start to build up a portfolio, update your Web site with new works.

Even universities and libraries blog about upcoming shows or recent events, and this will be so helpful to up-and-coming photographers.

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Many photographers write about personal projects that they are working on, in addition to new clients and new commissions. They post this information on their blogs.

Make a Living Doing What You Love

Again, this is all about keeping your name out there. The interesting thing about working as a freelance photographer, in any specialization, is that once potential clients see that you have been published, they are more likely to be interested in hiring you themselves. What's Hot. Teach English in Asia. Cruise Ship Jobs.

Photography Jobs on Cruise Ships

Alaska Fishing Industry Jobs. Further Studies in the specific career field Further studies in related fields Experience in specific field Further on-the-job training Work performance. A job in government A job in private companies To start my own business To work with my hands To work with technology To learn new things To be of service to people To make money To work flexible hours To work locally To work internationally To apply my special skills. Career Advice.

I want to learn about careers as a Photographer Share:. Find out everything you need to know about becoming a Photographer. Job Title - Photographer Description A Photographer uses cameras to record people, places, objects and events on film or electronically.

Typical Job Activities Works with clients to discuss brief Looks for appropriate photographic subjects, locations and opportunities Researches details and preparing for shoots Works in different locations Uses an extensive range of technical photographic equipment Arranges still life objects, products, scenes, props and backgrounds Liaises with other professionals, e.

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