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Kolthoff and Philip J.

  1. Service-Oriented Computing – ICSOC 2007: Fifth International Conference, Vienna, Austria, September 17-20, 2007. Proceedings.
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Elving, Eds. Hume, Dept. T h e longawaited second edition is now appearing and it is a pleasure to be able to report t h a t the high standards characteristic of the first edition are maintained in the second. T h e present section Vol.

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T h e increase in pages represents growth, rather than inflation. Analytical chemistry continues to be a rapidly developing area. Chapter 19, "Acid-Base Equilibria in Nonaqueous Solutions," is actually five subchapters totaling pages and consisting of a general introduction by I. Kolthoff and M. Popov and H. One topic t h a t had been given a mere six pages in the previous version of t h a t chapter now stands on its own as the page chapter "Masking and Demasking in Analytical Chemistry" by D.

Similarly, the original chapter by F. Duke on "Mechanisms of Oxidation-Reduction Reactions" now consists of a greatly expanded chapter with the same title by R. The editors have chosen their contributors wisely, as is evident from the authoritative, well-indexed and scholarly, yet eminently readable treatment the topics have been given. One is struck by the rapidity with which new developments in other areas of chemistry are being taken up and applied in analysis, and the "Treatise" is an excellent remedy for creeping obsolescence.

T h e present state of the economy makes it unlikely t h a t many of us will own the new "Treatise," but we should undertake the responsibility of seeing to it that our librarians have no peace until they have made it available to us. Chemie Analytique des Solutions et Microinformatique in French.