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Joel McCrea. Shepard Menken. James Nusser. Title : christmas present Air Date : The "Santa Claus Stickup" of December 31, , a crime story with a happy ending. It is pm December 21st, four days before Christmas Click here if you download does not started Move Close. Comment I have a script to match this episode. Synopsis Synopsis should read:.

Show should be correctly dated: ex This page is a duplicate of the URL:. The thicket on Santa Anna creek was miles from the ranger camp. Alexander and Sinclair had been there many times, or else they could not have picked their way in such a blinding snow storm. Certain familiar trees and landmarks along the route assured them they were going in the right direction.

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Once Alexander checked his horse, listening intently. Finally arriving at a point on Santa Anna creek, where there were heavy live oak trees, they dismounted and crept up under the trees, presuming that turkeys would seek shelter in the protected bottom. It was impossible to see far ahead, but at fifty yards Alexander caught sight of a big, lone gobbler.

As the turkey disappeared in a thicket, he ran around the opposite side, hoping it would come out of the brush and he would get a shot at it. Sinclair, meanwhile saw several turkeys running in an opposite direction and took in after them. Alexander, still waiting for the gobbler to come out of the thicket, decided to smoke his pipe.

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He put his gun down in order to crumble some tobacco in the palm of his hand. While thus engaged, he heard brush rustling back of him. Turning quickly around, he ducked just in time to avoid a knife thrust from a powerful savage who had sneaked up behind him. As Alexander ducked, he caught the Indian's wrist in a vice-like grip, the wrist of the hand holding the deadly knife.

A desperate struggle now ensued for possession of the knife. Frank Alexander was a giant in strength. No man in the 46th Cavalry could put his shoulders to the grass. The savage, though large and sinewy, was no match for the ranger. Still holding the Indian at bay by the wrist in that vice-like grip, Alexander slowly but surely forced him to his knees, and finally down flat on his back.

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  • Having his enemy now helpless and realizing it was a battle to the death, with no quarter, the ranger wrested the knife from the savage and instantly plunged it to the hilt in his heart. To Alexander, the killing of this Indian was no great feat, just an incident in frontier life. He never liked to talk about the tragedy. Once he did remark: "I'm not rejoicing.

    Maybe, that red skin wanted a Christmas turkey, too.

    1950 TALES OF THE TEXAS RANGERS - "Christmas Present" - Joel McCrea - Radio program - OTR

    Maybe he loved life, like the rest of us. But darn him, he had no business going after my scalp. That's where he made a mistake. John Sinclair did not know Alexander was battling with an Indian for his life.

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    He was too busy chasing and killing turkeys a mile down the creek. He bagged two fat gobblers, enough to provide a real Christmas treat. Christmas morning the sun broke clear through sullen skies, sending scintillating beams over miles of level, snow covered prairie—a magnificent sight. No Christmas carols or Christmas chimes heralded the great day in the ranger camp—this lonely camp out on the fringe of civilization—but an odor of barbecued turkey brought memories of home and smiles to ranger faces.

    By noon Bob Morgan had the turkeys cooked to an appetizing brown, even surprising everybody with pecan dressing inside the turkeys. Also, as an added surprise, was a pan of baked apple dumplings. The boys has taken seats at the rough pine board dining table, all except Lt. He came in at last, freshly shaved, took a seat at the head of the table, bowed his head and offered the following supplication:.

    But above all, Lord, do we thank thee for the safe return of our comrade-in-arms, Frank Alexander, and for this wonderful Christmas dinner. Click here to get yours!